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Fuel Filter Funnel

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Fuel Filter Funnel Fuel Dispensing, Transfer and Portable Fuel Filtration Racor

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The Racor RFF filter funnels are capable of removing free water and solids down to 0.003 inch and allows you to visually inspect the integrity of your fuel supply as you refuel.
Dirt and water are practically unavoidable in stored fuel, causing microbial growth, corrosive acids, electrolysis, and rust. These contaminants can plug filters, corrode components, decrease efficient combustion, and can cause engine shutdown or system failure.
Product Features:
• Rugged Construction
• PTFE Coated Stainless
• Steel Filter
• Four Sizes, Four Flow Rates
• Electro-Conductive Plastic Material
• Corrosion Resistant
• Self Cleaning
• No Parts To Replace

How they work
The Racor Filter Funnel comes complete with a built-in DuPont Teflon® PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated stainless steel screen filter. As fuel is being filtered, free water and contaminates collect on the bottom. Because water is heavier than fuel, free water will settle to the bottom. When you have a substantial amount of water (approximately 1 cup), dispose of it properly and resume refuelling.
When properly used, the filter will separate free water from hydrocarbon fuels. Free water is a collection of water molecules in the bottom of fuel cans, tanks, or drums, formed when fuel is stored for even short periods of time. The free water formation is due to condensation in the air and/or separation of water molecules from fuel.
Water may be present in hydrocarbon fuels as free water or as an emulsion, small droplets of water suspended in fuel. Water may be emulsified in fuel by vibration or by emulsifying additives such as alcohol, or detergents. The RFF filter will not remove emulsified water. Instead, install a Racor fuel filter/water separator to remove emulsified water from your fuel delivery or engine fuel system.

Racor fuel filter funnels can be utilised in the following applications:-
• Refueling lawn mowers
• Chain saws
• Snow machines
• ATVs
• Power generators
• Boat motors
• PWCs
• RVs
• Helicopters
• Motorcycles

Performance Characteristics
Body Material Electro Conductive Plastic
Element Type PTFE Coated Stainless Steel

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