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Separator Cartridges - Filter/Separator 2nd Stage Elements for Diesel

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Separator Cartridges - Filter/Separator 2nd Stage Elements for Diesel High Flow Fuel and Oil Filtration Racor


- Optimum 2nd stage water removal
- Choice of Teflon® Coated Screen or Pleated Paper Media
- Field proven performance


Separator Cartridges are employed as the second stage in filter/separator vessels. Their sole function is to repel coalesced water drops produced by the first stage cartridges while allowing hydrocarbon fluids to pass through. Water drops settle into the filter/separator sump and are not carried downstream. All particle filtering is done by the first stage coalescer cartridge.

How Separator Cartridges Work

Flow direction is from outside-to-inside. The top photo insert shows water being repelled by the hydrophobic separator medium on the cartridge’s outside surface. Hydrocarbon fluids, on the other hand, easily pass through and exit the separator cartridge. Cartridges with two media types are offered:

Teflon Coated Screen (TCS) Cartridges are, by far, the most popular type of separator cartridge. With proper cleaning and inspection, cost effective TCS separators can be reused over many coalescer cartridge changeout cycles. And, TCS cartridges generate considerably less static charge than pleated paper cartridges. These features have made them the preferred choice for aircraft fueling applications.

Pleated Paper Cartridges cannot be reused and are replaced at every coalescer cartridge changeout. They are often used with diesel and other fuel oils which may contain materials that adhere to TCS cartridges and cannot be cleaned off.

Separator Cartridge Performance

Maintaining a uniform flow along the length of the cartridge optimizes performance and reduces the number of cartridges required. Flow is controlled by a tube, inside each cartridge, through which the diesel fuel exits the cartridge and the filter/separator vessel. 

Separator Cartridges

General Specifications

- TCS medium is 200 mesh stainless steel screen coated on both sides with green Teflon. The screen is lockseam folded and fastened with an internal aluminum clip.
- Pleated medium is silicone treated resin impregnated paper with a protective outer screen jacket.
- Tubes are aluminum.
- End caps are aluminum and/or glass filled nylon.
- Gaskets are Buna-N.
- pH range is 5 to 9.
- Maximum operating temperature is 150°F.

Performance Characteristics
Inside Diameter (inch) 3.5
Seal Material Buna-N
Maximum Operating Temperature (C) 65
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 150
Filter Type Separator
pH Range (Continuous Operation) 5 - 9
Brand Velcon
Flow Rate Depends on fluid viscosity and application. See brochure for more information.
Application Diesel

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